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My DIC came by direct deposit to my account.My bank never got the wire transfer and I was stunned that instead they sent this very large check by mail. No expediting of my claim. The VA dosent follow their own rules about settling claims. Before you get started, you'll need to decide what type of vegetables you want to grow. I know you have to request a hearing if you want one. The denials were because my skin caner did not show up within a year of my service with the Marines in 1969. Legacy makes it worse. I will find the BVA ombudsman's email addy and post it here. I'm giving you the blueprint to financial freedom Brother/Sister. You can also call your hearing office to ask about the status of your particular case. Seems to me the new AMA process is the same process as it always has been, except for a speedier denial avenue for the VA. And when do we get the notification paperwork to start this opt-in process? I was in the Army for 5 years. You can see this by the VCAA notices and the Bryant discussions at hearings. Beautiful hills of NY andwidow of 2 vets, 2 HD each and mother of USAF vet-my daughter, 7 years Top Secret Intel, tactical warfare - AMU 1st Civilian graduate and with Honors the VA writes lots about their new moderization act yet, I hear their mouths moving and their actions dont match!!! To do this you must complete and return a VA Form 9 within 60 days. I still havent recovered from the dings. Does this new appeals process help with this issue? My question is how long can it remain like this ?? See comment above for rating criteria in the CFR.). After you've decided to file an appeal directly to the Board of Veterans' Appeals, you must choose which of the three docket options to file. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. HOW can the VBA loose DIGITAL paperwork? Or so I have heard. Well, first, you have to get into the new system. Grub's Mystery Green - Uncovering the Unique Variety of Tomato Patented in Russia Until 2051, The Green Mystery of the Grub is a unique variety of tomato that has been patented in Russia until 2051 by Vasily Ivanovich Blockin-Mechtalin. Please I need an advice. license | 41 views, 2 likes, 0 loves, 1 comments, 2 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Parkview Christian Church: Live with Restream CCLI Copyright. I was seen by the resident physicians at the VA. If a hearing has been properly requested BVA won't make a decision until the hearing has been either held or the request cancelled. This was over a year after I appealed. All youve done is taken the so called Legacy Appeals Process and added lane C which allows claimants to appeal directly to BVA. Jason, the article doesnt make it clear that they are separate programs. Then, youll also want to include a current medical diagnosis from your VA or private doctor. Today, I received a response that said, We have placed your RAMP Supplemental Claim for Obstructive Sleep Apnea back under control and it will be assigned to a Decision Review Operations Center (DROC) for processing. Decision review replaces the old ("legacy") VA appeals process. Any injury or medical condition incurred or aggravated by active military service can be claimed for compensation. An official website of the United States government. No remand, hasn't got that far. I told her during exam that I disagreed with one of her statements. You can request a direct review, submit more evidence, or request a hearing. Can you log into your eBenefits and tell me what your historical claim (appeal) data says about the pending sleep apnea? AFTER THIS HEARING IN THE LEGACY The Veterans Crisis Line can help even if youre not enrolled in VA benefits or health care. So about three months later I received another e-mail/letter and phone call. Well today it change to your appeal is with the judge. There are many different types of tomatoes, This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our. When it comes to planting tomatoes, the first step is choosing the right variety for your climate and soil type. Thats why VA would want your military records. The review requirement will usually be removed by the 6th post. Do you also have a current pending new claim for the same or similar medical condition? Years ago I suffered with swelling of joints and giant hives whenever I did manual work at home and on the job. I had already scheduled my first surgery. Because the VA didn't address my appeal or write nod. How do you approach Dave with a problem? Back in the late 1990s, I went to the BVA twice and each took about two years. or how can my case be expedited? Doesn't seem to be an unanswered question there. They definitely did not have my back and since my discharge in 1970, I felt left behind. Q? Veterans stuck in the old, legacy appeals process now have two new paths to transfer their appeals into the AMA Decision Review Process. They say the effective date was dated for Feb. 2016 (thats the date that the first appeal came back from Washington D.C,) They can use a lot of dates, but Feb. 2016 wouldnt be one of them. You wont lose your place in line. These federal employees are instrumental in delivering earned benefits to Veterans. You arent required to have a hearing. Rephrase the question: I was involved in a traumatic incident on base in 1974 and have had nightmares ever since, but I did not go to mental health while enlisted. Upload or insert images from URL. Sit back relax and enjoy the ride, youve got time. Nine months later, I found out during a chat session with a VA rep that they had done this. If your lawyer is familiar with the judge, he or she may have an idea of how long that judge is known to take to issue a decision. My VSO and Am Legion reps tell me Do not send any updated claim info or contact the VA it will just confuse them.The VSO office also claims there will be a domino effect and the 60% will come then the dependents then 100% for unemployability and then the rest of the appeals due to my cardiac condition not being properly diagnosed. Staff at the Board will make sure your case is complete, accurate, and ready to be decided by a judge. Anyone have thoughts on this? I original filed a claim April 2002 and wasnt seen until May 2003 (yes, 13 months. The appeal was filed in 2010, but it would not be 2016. Here are the steps to filing a BVA appeal: 1. I also have a dependency claim for my son in college and travel back pay reimbursement. Hi Ben, did you include your military records WITH your claim? How come a veteran is given days to respond, when the VBA takes YEARS to Not respond? Why would a sane person even think about using RAMP? And judge Amanda Holden was waiting at the theatre to invite Olivia to audition on the ITV hit show. You folks are chasing ghosts and never catch any. Basically back to the end of the line. Did they have to remand any of your claim? One popular hybrid tomato is the Big Beef variety, known for its productivity, disease tolerance, and adaptability. He was 100% disabled many years ago. gardening If it did when was it sent and what is the current status? However, we reserve the right to keep anyone on moderator preview. The site is secure. I have been denied because I was seen by someone other than the VA. Decision soon Your appeal will soon receive a Board decision. I have been considering an appeal process to try and get some medical help on old injuries from active duty days. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you're on a federal government site. To call my representative (I mean to get ahold of him), when he finally calls back. I was taking 60mg a day for control. Please make sure Dave receives this, and have him call me to answer other questions. Board of Veterans Appeals German Commander (WWI)lectured to the US Army after the war on warfare-- PTSD - tactics etc-and Leadership I had a POA rep (DAV)but they didn't have a clue, and I thought they had withdrawn my appeal when they got the award letter. :). In my mind I feel the process is now going forward only because I faxed in the VA award letters. Cant get ahold of, leave messages, still doesnt return your call or when he did, he called me by a different name. I have to wear coveralls due to how pronounced my condition is today! Q? The aim of Congress is to deter you from receiving your benefits, while they bask in the bales of money from private interests. No wonder so many Veterans commit suicide. I have had outside organizations screw everything up and never followed up with the apeals Im tired and the VA SUCKS! I am presently # 19,564 on the list and based on the timeliness of completing these remands it appears I am going to have to wait for a final decision another 2-3 years. I am continuously hearing the nightmare stories from other vets of either denials, bad medical treatment, no medical treatment, the waiting, and etc. If the Vet has more or new evidence to strengthen their case, or would like assistance from VA, the SCL is the lane to take. You can post now and register later. Knowledgeable people who dont have time to read all posts may skip yours if your need isnt clear in the title. I have never smoked or drank alcohol. Anybody working in the system can write whatever they want in your file, even if they are a one year intern and it is not their specialty. Examples of good cause for rescheduling would include if you, your representative, or a witness are sick or you had trouble getting records. The https:// ensures that you're connecting to the official website and that any information you provide is encrypted and sent securely. them are Veterans themselves. In January 2021, I sent off one to the BVA. How can the VBA tout the The New Modernization Act so vigorously, yet leave behind 200,000 veterans? Nobody knew what the hell it was. Im too tired and weary to start another claim or appeal process. The standards setting and IP regimes in Russia are open to some manipulation, as evidenced by last y, Discover Tomato Varieties: While Galactic Magic Seeds is No Longer Available, There's Still Plenty of Variety for Your Garden, Galactic Magic Seeds was a website that offered tomato seeds from various breeders, including Rebel Starfighter Prime. Remand:The judge sends the issue back to theVeterans Benefits Administrationtogather more evidence or to fix a mistake before deciding whether to grant or deny. I can not talk to anyone directly and point this out. JB im not back at the docet myself for misapplied EEFso another 2 years and i might officially be done with this mess. I am not the only one that has had a problem like this. He tells me to fill out some form online and to mail it to him, that he was just to busy to see me, so just mail it and to make sure that it was addressed a certain way otherwise he would not get it. They wanted me to see their doctor in 2015, I went , wasnt a doctor, she was someone who worked for the doctor ( dont know if she was even a nurse) . It was kicked back from the Veterans Appeal Judge to the RO to do some more work. I was told it should not stay at the RO for more than 30 days and it has been several MONTHS! The Veterans Crisis Line can help even if youre not enrolled in VA benefits or health care. Donations to are tax-deductible. The only thing this provided was that the original award date could be maintained forever, as long as you keep chasing the bone down the road and renewing an appeal option. You and the judge will have a conversation. The Pullers-Chesty and Lewis (USMC) 5109B, 7112 How long did it take to get in front of the judge? Advice given is in no way a substitute for consulting with a competent Veterans law firm, such as one on the NOVA advocate website !! The judge will review the hearing and the other evidence in your appeal file before making a decision. I did not have a hearing. Youve just been rated 100% disabled by the Veterans Affairs. The whole system is corrupt. and our The soldiers today would suffer far less if they were on the home front defending our nation against the invasion happening at our borders, which is dividing and weakening the inner strengths of America. Last year I was asked by VA, via e-mails, to switch to the new RAMP System. I sent my appeal to a judge in 2018. Its sick that a vet or family member calls the VA and each time gets a different story.or blatant lack of training, care, or knowledge. Youve received multiple decisions that dont clearly explain why VA made the decisions it made, nor what it means to you, and it has left you confused and angry. They tell me that BVA is taking about one year. Some Veterans Service Organizations will ask for time to make additional arguments in support of your case, so contact your representative first if youre thinking of waiving this time period. The .gov means its official. to date I have waited over Four months and going on five months?? This process allows us to remove spam and other junk posts before hitting the board. How can I get help? The Quest for the Perfect Heirloom Tomato Variety They saw me the first time in 2003. /ekspdiSHs/ The current VA saying is: deny,deny until they die. Thanks. Even a confirmed location of Agent orange at Utapao AB, Thailand & my workstation was the 11th USAF Hospital which backed up to the Klung which was infested requiring the burning with Agent Orange. Cal Tjader, Miles Davis, AmerIndian battle chants, Privacy Policy. He made a comment in notes about her not doing physical exam, and she actually used measurement form his 2017 exam to fill in data. USN/USMC. About two weeks ago, I received a letter saying it had been docketed, but they are waiting for assignment. For more information, please see our Your hearing will be transcribed and added to your appeal file. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Just one. The date of the first claim would be 2002. Q? So being told Im 41,000 in line with average wait time over 3 years is expeditious? Two last things, I will not be afraid to send in additional claim evidence when my appeals are not finalized. Your link has been automatically embedded. SMH, SMH, UP GRADE YOUR PHONE SYSTEM AND, Hi Chris, eBenefits is a joint DoD/VA website, and it is the DoD who controls logon and security features. Why does the VBA/RO manuals say expeditious manner on remands and when required remanded paperwork is received as requested, a decision is to be made in 30 days? Veteran to Veteran Changes Ownershi. Thats not entirely accurate because in the new Supplemental Claim Lane in the new process, VA can work with you to develop the case that could lead to a more favorable outcome for you. It can take anywhere from three weeks to three months or more. She looked up my information, and said that she looked at it, and determined that it did not fit the profile, and that she reassigned it to the regular process, and that my approximate wait would be 458 days. To learn how to do their job. So why would it being going to BVA judge now? Did yours get to a judge yet? This process does not take long. all the while I continue not be able to pay the VA copays that they keep sending for the illnesses they caused?? Many of Since that day I have had 14 surgeries and now I live with a softball size hernia and I can no longer wear regular pants.. Your appeal is at the Board of Veterans' Appeals, waiting to be sent to a Veterans Law Judge. Your representative must be a VA-accredited lawyer, claims agent, or someone from a Veterans Service Organization (VSO). However, I now see that VA is still doing what it was originally chartered to do. Should I refile? You're up next. At this point, I would not wish the VA on anyone and thats sad. The whole it in the nut shell puts boots on the ground where the veteran and examinations are taking place, reducing the error rates caused by failure to be familiar with claim history, and the failure to account for facts presented in the claim or medical records, and expedite collection of information, review of the facts leading to an initial decision, which should cut weeks or more from the time it takes to complete. But having been to BVA means that you first received a Statement of the Case, which is also a decision, before moving up to BVA. hope that helpssorry you guys are having to wait so long. Financial Literacy Month provides an opportunity to get caught up on often overlooked end-of-life planning. I had to give up on my career/education for numerous years and then my employment for over a year to care for him. Did you call DAV, or VA? Then people wonder why veteran suicide rates are so damn high! I had to have an additional exam. It has been 3 years. The .gov means its official. Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. Youll get a notice in the mail at least 30 days before your hearing is scheduled. Your appeal is at the Board of Veterans' Appeals, waiting to be sent to a Veterans Law Judge. I proved Direct SC death under 2 theorys- and sent the RO the BVA decision, requesting a full refund of my FTCA offset, per the regulations from the BVA. Now my mind is everywhere lol. I dont read all posts every login and will gravitate towards those I have more info on. I contacted a US Senator for assistance. I hadnt heard anything as of of May 31,2019. So I lost out in that way as it dinged my resume for better future employment and retirement as well as my social security. I thought they were only supposed to do an exam, ask a few pertinent questions and send you on your way. Not to be an ass, but how is sleep apnea a service connected disability? Paste as plain text instead, Please dont submit new evidence prior to your hearing. Does anyone have any idea ??? The National Caner Society told me cancer cells can stay dormat for years and years before becoming active. Hi Kimberly, the options are well explained. 1 year on average or 3 years? But to get the most out of your tomato plants, its important to understand the basics of planting and caring for them. They refused to talk to my wife who could have testified of my behavioral problems and the experiences she observed, but, they wont. Veteran to Veteran Changes Ownershi. SO many questions Oh, and the VBA manual on the 30 day issue. chocolate brownies 30%: The veteran is experiencing persistent daytime hypersomnolence. Hypersomnolence is a condition similar to insomnia, characterized by chronic daytime sleepiness that does not improve even with sufficient sleep. My wife had her case remanded from the US Court of Veterans Appeals back to the BVA stating BVA had errored in their decision. If you need to withdraw your hearing request, you or your representative should send a written request at least 2 weeks before your hearing. This time by the same Doctor who did initial claim exam back in 2017. Powered by Invision Community. That is where you can get an update on its current statusincluding whether it is in RAMP, or in the legacy process. Staff at the Board will make sure your case is complete, accurate, and ready to be decided by a judge. 50%: If a veteran requires use of a breathing assistance device, such as a continuous airway pressure (CPAP) machine.. Our appeal was filed 2/20 and its still pending judge review. Donations to are tax-deductible. Your previous content has been restored. The real problem is the people and how they do their jobs within the system. As an example of what the new system can do for you, lets say that you got two decisions in 10 years in legacy. I have been denied repeatedly. Oddly enough, she even went as far as telling me straight out that I should NOT expect any increase in my claim/disability! This is standard practice when ordering from Ukraine, according to customers wh, Honour Nursing Professionals and Support American Farming Heritage with The Nightingale Project & True North 2022, The Nightingale Project and True North 2022: Celebrating Nurses and Preserving American Farming Heritage There is NO WAY to overcome the I dont give a sht attitude by the VA except that you be prepared with an ATTORNEY TO GO INTO A HEARING ON THE RECORD WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE DECISION TO DENY YOUR CLAIM. Knowledgeable people who dont have time to read all posts may skip yours if your need isnt clear in the title. That didnt check out. It has been over 30 days since the second exam and still no updates. That said, most of its features are porting to, which Im sure youll find simpler to use. Well today it change to your appeal is with the judge. anything at all regarding Vietnam My only request to Dave is to run this properly, or move on. The system and the ebenifits system knows nothing off this. With the right planning and dedication, anyone can have a successful garden this summer. Were not happy about it, and we know youre not happy about it. If you did include them, it also helps to submit a lay statement noting where, such as page X, paragraph Y, etc. It appears that most of the problems are caused internally by VA personnel. The judge will listen to your testimony and may ask you a few questions. I filed several times with a DA Forms 3947 and 199 Clearly showing my disabilities. First off thank you for what you all are doing, my concerns are the following: 3/25/2019 my appeal was awarded and my percentage was raised from 10% to 60%. In the world of tomatoes, there are countless varieties that offer unique flavors, textures, and growth habits. have hearing loss, VA plans, budget, finances, and performance. Its why, for years, weve been wanting a newer, more modern process that doesnt take years to get to a single decision point. However, I did not receive my records when I was discharged from the Army and there are no medical records in the National Archive. Clear editor. It is a secondary service connected lumbar back pain? Ive waited 9 years now, so whats another 4. 0%: If the veterans condition is Asymptomatic but has documented sleep disorder breathing. An asymptomatic condition is one that is diagnosed, but may not be producing symptoms. (2012). The average wait time it takes to get a decision is eight weeks. It seems to be Texas Judges and Regional Office moving slow. This was right after Nurse Maude DeVictor brought to attention of physical problems Vietnam vets were experiencing. this was originally submitted in April 2015 and the regional office in Wisconsin is incompetent and stalling this process which is painfully obvious!!! This project aims to create a new white tomato variety that hono, Fighting Fungal Diseases on Plants - Exploring the Use of Copper, Daconil & Copper Fungicides, The use of copper to fight plant diseases is an intriguing concept that has been around for some time. News for and about the Department of Veterans Affairs: Veterans Benefits Administration, Veterans Health Administration, National Cemetery Administration. This, in my opinion, undermines the reason lanes A and B are in place. My Ebenefits update and said the same thing however I did not have the hearing. In this blog p, Buy Organic Seeds Risk Free From Organic Seeds TOP - Credit Card & Western Union Payment Options, Organic Seeds TOP is a seed vendor based in the Ukraine. After the excitement of finally having the rating you deserve wears off, you start asking questions. 33 years I have been fighting the system 33 YEARS!! But they had zero experience, and they are not Medical folks reviewing the claims, but admin folks. Hi Tom, if you would like medical help, please click here: We advise Vets to check the status of their claims and appeals on eBenefits or VBA remanded due to 3 out of 4 IMOs missing from file, when all 4 were sent together. Submitting new evidence at this time could delay review of your appeal. I did not take that long to get turned down again, even though its documented in my military medical records. The Appeals Council considers every request for review, though they may still deny your request if they believe the decision from the hearing was correct. I appealed a claim in 2017. A Veterans Law Judgewill review all of the available evidence and write a decision. This process allows us to remove spam and other junk posts before hitting the board. Ive waited my turn. I immediately filed a motion to have a hearing ON THE RECORD WITH THE EVIDENCE. "jump through the hoops" means you timely filed a NOD, or got VA to reopen, and when denied again, you appealed timely again. Please read the dictionary meaning posted above and get back with me. It is not known what happened to the breeder of Rebel Starfighter Prime or why Galactic Magic Seeds is no longer available. It only took the VA 32 years to do the first MRI. You're up next. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. I have problems with my neck and numbness radiating down my left arm. Your first posts on the board may be delayed before they appear as they are reviewed. Find a VA regional office near you By fax My husband died at the young age of 52 at the VA nursing home in Pittsburgh. I have also had problems at the VA hospital that I go to. Like mine, with an appeal date of 2010. We're here Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. After my husband died, the representatives at this senators office said they forgot about him as well as the rest of the vets at the VA nursing home. Now I was to be on the agenda for the National Board last Feb. 19,2019, still not on the agenda, I was told they dont know when it will be set up to begin. I also got a letter from VA asking if I have any medical records from 1986-1997 as they could not find them. If you're appealing a VA decision under the new process, keep reading below to learn how to request and prepare for a hearing. You'll follow the new process if you're: If youre using VA Form 9 to appeal a VA decision you received before February 19, 2019, go to the Board of Veterans' Appeals (BVA) Hearing page. You cannot paste images directly. This includes the examinations a veteran submits to as well. I think they are waiting for us to die (since there are thousands of guys complaining about Agent Orange) which means lots and lots of money. THERE BE? adjective When That hearing request was submitted I waited a full two years Now, I was promised either a Statement of Case or Benefits within three months? I told him, I want it done right, so whats another 4 years. If you didnt include your military records as evidence with your claim, then VA will have a hard time connecting the injury to your service. I got a woman on the phone and asked her for help. It's possible to pay with credit card or Western Union, but PayPal isn't an option. We both lost out on benefit monies for many years. As the video above shows, weve granted more than $375 million in retroactive benefits. They win!they beat me to a pulp and although I never said, Uncle, the bully stands taller and bigger than I, making sure I dont make any eye contact. The medical exam is viewable so that everything is documented, If the veteran meets all required elements for claim approval, the rating official can make that determination on the spot or shortly thereafter, and then forward the claim for higher level review and approval. Find your type of decision review or appeal below to learn what your status means. The BVA then rendered my appeal as moot citing the award I had received for the same issue..wait maybe it was a different issue-I just remembered something it said- 'the widow has been awarded DIC under Section 1151 but could subsequently attempt to prove direct SC death'----I need to find the case at BVA- I am just recalling what they said.They also said my FTCA offset would have to be refunded if I ever proved direct SC death ( probably what the appeal was for). an expeditious manner I opted into the RAMP, which was the initial version of AMA, in June 2018. Having a linear line of appeal would be so much easier for the VA and easier on Vets to understand. So I did and they say back then that average claim time is 120 days. If the Regional Office missed the hearing request and sent it to BVA it will almost definitely be picked up on by BVA when they start reviewing everything at which time it will be sent back to the Regional Office to schedule the hearing. When will this torment end?! Problem solved. In the case of sleep apnea is secondary related the pain killer like tramadol and anxiety medication like lorazepam . Currently, there is a small group of RAMP claims pending, and are being completed everyday. VA offers programs to assist with end-of-life planning and help ease the burden on family members when a Veteran passes. Getting Started Your letter sounded VERY familiar! Hi John, having a medical condition is not enough, on its own, to be granted compensation. Hi Ted, sorry to hear. Hi I don't know why and I wonder if they are going give me what I am asking for and the hearing isn't necessary so the VA cancelled it? The Board of Veterans Appeals schedules hearings in docket order (the order in which they receive requests). lack of diversity in physical therapy, larry david first wife, what happened to stephen millard,

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